Thursday, January 15, 2009

Satanism is the religion of America

It's true.

What is Satanism?
Worshipping Satan with ritual sacrifice? Slaughtering chickens and wearing hoods and chanting?

Nope. It's following Satan and being like him.

What did Satan do?
Wanted to be God. Made himself; his own desires/preferences/ideas/purposes; the center and goal of the universe. Made himself out to be Lord God.

I interviewed mainstream culture, and here's what it said:

Should I be true to God?
Be true to yourself

Should I love God first?
Love yourself first

Should I serve God first?
Serve yourself first.

Should I serve others?
Only if it's convenient for you

Should I invest in God's Kingdom?
Invest in your own future; your own plans

Should I give money to God's purposes?
Spend it how you want to spend it

Should I be concerned with God's happiness?
Be concerned with your own happiness.

Should I be concerned with God's judgment?
Be concerned with your own judgment of yourself.

Should I believe in Jesus?
Believe in yourself.

The center of America is not Christ. It's "ME."

Let's get it straight.

We don't worship Jesus.
We worship ourselves.

We don't want to be like Christ.
We want to be like Satan.

Is it any wonder everything is so fucked up?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

very young girls

sounds pretty suggestive, right? actually, it's a documentary about prostitution in american cities. i saw it a couple days ago. i got so pissed off at satan/people/myself/sin, i wanted to kill something. young girls with nowhere to go being "adopted" by self-styled pimps who brainwash and manipulate them into sexual acts to make money "for the fam." destroy lives, and then boast about it.

i won't go off like i could, because that wouldn't be productive. but wow...anger. must be harnessed productively.

here's the trailer. couldn't find the whole thing online right now. if i do later, i'll post it.