Tuesday, June 24, 2008

what kind of death?

"The death of Christ was the supreme revelation of love...If Jesus had died a natural death, posterity would still treasure his teaching, coupled with the commentary of his life, as the most beautiful exposition of love. But its effectiveness was greatly increased by his death. Death has a strange power over the human imagination and memory...If a significant death is added to a brave and self-sacrificing life, the effect is great. A righteous man might well pray for this as the last great blessing of his life, that his death might interpret the higher meaning of his life and weld all his labors into one by the flame of suffering."

- Walter Rauschenbusch, from "A Theology for the Social Gospel"

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leanna jackson said...

you post so much i'm not sure if i can keep up with all this blogging. ::cough::

this is a marvelous quote.
i like mine better.