Thursday, May 29, 2008

i have a blog

i used to use livejournal, but then stopped e-blogging. maybe i'll start again.

who can say???


leanna said...

aw, yay alan + blogging! w00t!

yeah i left philly a while back. :( i loved it, but it was not exactly conducive to the whole start-a-mini-family thing. kinda sucky actually. i was definitely a month along last time i saw you. if i was there still, i would love coffee. and i still love me some good facebook/blog stalking. :)

you should use this thing. they're handy. you can text or email blogs. that's the only way i ever update. :P

per the shows, if it weren't for first trimester nausea and lack of transport i would have been there in a second. un-fight!

tracethetree said...

yeah i probably will use it, but differently than LJ. it seems my posts here should be much more stylish, and sensible.

unfight accepted. i can't stay mad!

leanna said...

p.s. if i hadn't come here again to get the url to plug into google reader i'd have never ever seen your response. poop-face. first fun fact about blogger: follow-up comments aren't emailed to me or whoever else comments on here. lame, i know.

additionally, i have to do a gay catchaphta (sp??!) every time i comment. you should go here and turn off the word verification junks.

p.s. ilu.
only not like the movie.